TNY268PN, Микросхема, Power Integrations

Артикул: 99-67-97
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OFF LINE SWITCHER, DIP8, 268; Power Supply Type:Off-Line Switcher; Voltage, Input Max:265V ac; Current, Output Max:100чA; Voltage, Output Max:700V; Outputs, No. of:1; Frequency:132kHz; Voltage, Supply Min:50V; Termination Type:Through Hole; Case Style:DIP; Pins, No. of:8; Temperature, Operating Range:-40°C to +150°C; Temp, Op. Max:150°C; Temp, Op. Min:-40°C; Base Number:268; Current, Drain:55mA; Current, Drain Peak:0.88A; IC Generic Number:268; Logic Function Number:268; Power Supply IC Type:Off-line Switcher; Power, Output of @ 230VAC:23W; Power, Output of @ 85-265VAC:15W; Resistance, Rds On:5.2ohm; Temperature, Current:25°C; Temperature, Resistance:25°C; Voltage, Drain Peak Max:700V; Voltage, Drain Peak Min:-0.3V; Voltage, Output:700V
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